Thanks Mom

I’m a 29 year old that recently just got comfortable with life. I owe that to my bridesmaids, and my Bachlorette Trip to Atlanta.  I grew up in a single parent home for majority of my life. My mom passed when I was a little girl, so all I knew for a long time was my dad. He’s literally my best friend. Before we start, not having a mom is what helped me grow into the woman I am today. So if you’re sitting by yours right now give her kiss, if not shoot her a text real quick or call and tell her you love her. With my dad being in the Army, I traveled majority of my life. I traveled so much that German was my first language and it took me to being in high school to understand friendship. Being an Army Brat didn’t give you a chance to be besties with anyone long. Now I did have mother figures in my life. My dad re-married, I lived with my Grandma until I started acting up in school (another story for another time) and my friend’s mom loved me so much they adopted me as there own. So it all worked out.

Like anyone else, I’ve had my own issues. My attitude is what caused majority of them, oh and my mouth. I used to didn’t care what I said to people. I was a fighter, I mean your down for the cause, let’s dress in all black hit them with the bink bink, TTG (trained to go) fighter. I would always say “If my mom was here….” when I would get in trouble, but how long could that really be my excuse for literally everything? I figured that wasn’t too cute and somebody was praying hard for me because it all came to an end. Plus now, I have a son who I tell “thank you” every day. From the day I found out I was pregnant with him, to this very day I remind myself that it’s not about me anymore. I’m also married now. So being a “team” and the understanding of “partnership” is more important than ever. Anything I say or do now not only affects me, but my husband and my son as well. #GottaChill  Now, that’s not to say I just look overlook everything someone says or does to me, I just know how to approach the situation. I don’t let my mouth or my attitude get the best of me, and I keep my petty to a minimum and my block list long lol

I say that to say this, don’t let not having something or someone stop you from becoming you. There’s a lot of people who use the excuse of not having their mom or dad around for being the reason they’re failing. Use that as the reason you’re gaining. Not having a mother taught me how to love more and once I understood it, value “ships” (relationships, friendships etc.) more. I’m now the person who will give you my last if I had and just want a smile in return. Instead of fighting with you, I’ll fight for you. Life is about living and learning… Life is about growing.

When my mom left, she planted those seeds in me. Now that I’ve blossomed I want to plant them with you.

So was this your typical “about me” nope, not at all.. it was a Thank You to my mom because with out her we wouldn’t have this blog.