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Detoxing isn’t just a body thing

Me: Hey girl, I’ve been working out and I’ve seen 0 results
Friend: What do you mean 0 results?
Me: I’m not losing any weight, it’s like I’ve hit a plateau
Friend: Are you losing inches?
Me: Yea… but it’s not pounds
Friend: Inches are good, if not better
Me: *silent because that’s not what I wanted to hear*
Friend: Well, have you tried detoxing?
Me: ummm I’m not tryna be on the toilet all day
Friend: Girl hush! you can drink a tea that will flush the toxins out of your body!

And here we are folks!

That was a very interesting way to start off this post, but I had to paint the picture so we could all be on the same page. There was one key piece that I wanted you to take away from that conversation: flush the toxins out of your body.  What if I told you that detoxing is more than flushing toxins out of your body, but flushing toxins out of your mind and your life too…

let that sink in…

Flushing the toxins out of your mind and life isn’t as easy as going to Target and buying every tea you see in the “Tea Asile”. It’s taking the time out and removing certain things that’s holding back from being a better you. Sometimes in life we hit a plateau where everything is just going, no ups, no downs just going. You’re going through the motions and you’re like I need a change or a breakthrough. That was me a few weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out what needed to change, but I new a change had to come. I don’t like feeling complacent. That’s when I told myself I need to detox more than just my body.

So what did you do to Detox Tati?

Well, I thought you’d never ask… 

The first thing I told myself  is I needed to  let go of the hurt. Now I know previously I’ve posted about not holding grudges and letting it go, which for the most part I’ve been pretty good at. Holding a grudge and holding hurt are two different things, and two different feelings. In order for me to flush some toxins I had forgive those who hurt me. It’s easy to tell yourself you forgive someone, but to actually forgive them in your heart (and mean it) is a whole ‘nother ball game. Holding on to those “toxins” wasn’t allowing me to progress in anything. You can’t hold on to bad vibes and expect good ones to come in. Where are they gonna go?

Another thing I did was check myself. Yeap, sometimes you can be the toxic one… I had to woman up, and acknowledge that I too have hurt people. Once I started replaying a few incidents in my head… wheeewwww talk about mean girl. I had indeed wrecked myself on several occasions (did you see what I did there? check yourself before you wreck yourself! No? Didn’t get it? smh..) I had to own up to my wrongdoings and sayings and apologize. Now what does that have to do with detoxing? You have a conscience don’t you? Sometimes it needs to be cleared too.

Is There more?

well of course!

I accidentally on purpose dissolved (that just sounded better than ended) any ‘ships that weren’t meaning me any good. So let me back up to the “accidentally on purpose” part. It was on accident because I had unconsciously stopped calling, texting and hanging out with certain people. Once I realized what I did and who I did it too, I didn’t try and fix it. Does it make sense now? I think it was in one of my very first blogs  when I wrote about Negative Nancy and her crew, you should surround yourself with positive people and those that add value to you, not take it from you. 

So once I accidentally on purpose dissolved those ‘ships, I made sure to replace them with more positive ones. My pastor always says “show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future”, and that’s absolutely true! I made it a point to build relationships with people who have a positive influence on me like Yaa Yaa  — who is also celebrating her birthday today!! and Paige it’s more than just blogging with us. It’s empowerment, it’s uplifting, it’s genuine. I’ve joined networking groups so I can learn more about building my brand and started my own business. After reading The Naked Writers last post, it’s important that I find more married friends. (Hey Olivia!!)

So what you sayin Tati?

Sometimes we just have to get rid of certain things that’s hindering us from growing, losing weight, finding a job or just being happy. There’s a million and one ways for you to detox your mind and life. You can delete your social media, mediate more, post positive affirmations, and the list goes on. The ones I listed are just a few that I started with and they helped me over the past few weeks, so I wanted to share them with you.

Wouldn’t it be great to just walk into Target and find a tea for all this stuff?

6a01348543f894970c0148c778a9dc970c (1)

Yea, but where’s the fun or growth in that?

Have some ways you detox your mind and life that I can add to my list? Let me know!!

7 thoughts on “Detoxing isn’t just a body thing

  1. LOVE this post! Thank you for the birthday shoutout!

    One of the things that I have to do to detox is confront 2 of my close friends about what they have done to hurt me. You’re right it’s not good to hold onto grudges or hurts. Just confront it with the relative parties and get over it. Problem is that I hate confrontation! My natural tendency is to avoid it.

    Secondly, I spend way too much time on Facebook. It can’t be good for my soul lol.

    I’m sure there are other ways I could detox, but will have to do some thinking. This post comes at the best time. I just started a new year in life so I feel a detox coming soon.

    Also, I’m curious – what’s the difference between grudge and hurt?

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    1. I spend a lot of time on Facebook too, between there and Instagram. I must do better!!! I feel like it’s going to rub off on TJ and I don’t want him in his tablet all day.

      So to me, I think a grudge is fueled with anger and sometimes hate. You hold on to it because you’re so mad at the person and/or the situation. Hurt is a little more on the sad side, added with disappointment.

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  2. Ha! I don’t need fun or growth! Where can I get that tea?!?!? 😂😂😂

    Great lessons here Tati! Thanks for bringing us this perspective!

    I definitely did some detoxing this February—- and it was something as simple as cleaning up the contact list in my phone!!!! I had numbers for people I hadn’t spoken to in years and people I couldn’t even remember!!! Lol

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  3. Yep….ya girl is salty. Where was my birthday shout out?! And I’m still lacking that girls trip invite. But I’ll let you make it because I’m going to detox it. Lol

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